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TVS Foundation is a Christian non-profit organization with the vision to serve the global community through it's charitable and humanitarian initiatives. 


TVS Foundation partners with other Christian organizations who are championing the gospel and making a difference in their communities through their outreach programs. 


TVS caters for the poor, orphans, widows/widowers and other underprivileged people in the society.   We organize aid drives to benefit impoverished societies and assistance in disaster prone areas around the world.


Our motto is making a difference, one life at a time!

I believe in giving a helping hand to those who spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and transform lives.  Dorcas T. Sasore

Our Mission

To make a difference in the lives of many, one life at a time!

Our Mission

Our Vision

To provide charitable and humanitarian support to the underprivileged and impoverished areas around the world. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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