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Meet Our Leadership Team

dorcas 1.jpg
Dorcas T. Sasore
Founder & CEO/President

Our board of directors are dedicated to our vission and work together to ensure that we are meeting our goals as an organization.  Having a good mix of leaders who understand the vision and are willing to go the extra mile to make things happen is critical to the effective running of TVS Foundation. 

Board of Directors


  • Dorcas T. Sasore

       - CEO/President


  • Omotolani Olubowale

       - Vice Chair 


  • Titilope Wilkey

       - Vice President 


  • Dr. Temitope Sasore

       – Secretary 

  • Gabby Sasore

       – Treasurer 


We are passionate about what we do!  We have dedicated our lives to the vision and mission of TVS Foundation to make a difference in many lives around the world.

Dorcas T. Sasore

Founder & President

Omotolani Olubowale
Vice Chair

Titi Wilkey
Vice President

Dr. Temmy Sasore

Gabby Sasore

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