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The easily forgotten; Widows!

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

When one loses a spouse; family, friends, the community rally around them in that moment. Phone calls, messages of condolences flood your social media pages, text messages, emails etc. Some go the extra length of bringing you food, hot baked or cooked meals, and any thing to keep your mind off the loss.  Such loving and caring gestures help heal the wound of such a loss in one's life.  It is an irreplaceable loss, one that is deep seated. No one really understands this loss but you. But sooner than later, some who rallied around you in your time of loss have to move on with their life, they carry on with their busy lives, maybe once in a while check in on you.   One might feel left alone, but the truth of the matter is Life really goes on! For me this is real, because I have walked this road before and still live it each day.

I have channeled my loss to touch other lives of widows. I feed widows, I do this to let them know that they are not forgotten, they are loved and cared for by their family, friends, and church family. Before the founding of TVS foundation, I decided to do this for widows, and now with this great platform, I am going all out to take care of the widows/widowers.  

On January 13th and March 10th 2019, we fed twenty widows at Jubilee Christian International Church in Durham, NC. Courtesy of Tasty Vibes Catering Services, which donated the hot meals, TVS Foundation was able to make this dream come true for these widows. We plan on doing this quarterly by expanding it to other widows in the community.

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